Discover end-to-end data acquisition solutions for rotorcraft platforms.

Flight Data Systems offers end-to-end data acquisition for all rotorcraft segments. Fully optimize your fleet with future-proof acquisition hardware and industry-leading recording equipment. Our suite of solutions also includes ground support equipment for data transmission, and flight data readout analysis to ensure the safety of your passenger and crew.


Maximize rotorcraft operational efficiency & safety.

Achieve more than compliance while reducing operational costs for helicopter fleets. Flight Data Systems offers 360° flight data solutions consisting of customized data acquisition modules, ED-112A compliant cockpit voice and flight data recorders, data-offloading ground-support equipment, and data analysis services.  Maximize operational efficiencies and ultimately increase the safety of passengers and crew.

End-to-End Flight Data Solutions

diagram of Flight Data Systems end-to-end product line and services. for rotorcraft and helicopters.

1. Acquire

2. Record

3. Download

4. Analyze

Flight Data Systems is an international avionics equipment and services provider focused on providing end-to-end flight data solutions for business jet, commercial airline, and military segments.

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